can we talk about the fact that the top 5 singles in itunes right now are all by women and the 3rd is a collaboration between 3 women.
can we talk about that

Can we also talk about how shit all those songs are?


i really like it when boys look nice in suits like wow a+ you can wear that to my bedroom

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 Love and Unity here
Nose ring is back 👌

MONARCH BUTTERFLY (by Mario Vazquez)

I’m fucking crying man what the hell is wrong with me

Hugs from the little brother aww ☺️


I picked joining Tumblr and staying active on here because: 

  1. I’m not attractive enough to be a Youtuber
  2. Not popular enough for twitter
  3. Facebook is dumb

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I miss uni now everyone’s going to freshers and stuff aahhh. I guess I knew I couldn’t stay forever but I really wanna go and see everyone (I say that and mean like 2 people) but they’ve all moved on anyway, like no one would be that bothered about me being there and it’s lame. Ugh. I miss Plymouth. 

skittlebunny said: Naaa i mean Raven could see random shit from the future and she had to do was pull a pooping face and she had all her toes. I think if you're lopping off toes you can get a little "what if" action going on. Imagine all the 5 pump lays you could avoid!

Omg I feel stupid now hahah! I would definitely do something that would result in me obtaining a large sum of money and potentially do something insane, but as to what I’m not quite sure!